Print Supply A/S - Varer og tjenester til grafisk industri
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  PREPRESS Click to hide this group
   Heidelberg Suprasetter A74 ATL Automatic loading   2008   On request 
Plate Processors
   Glunz & Jensen Quarz Supreme 125 Thermal plate processor   2012   On request 
Plate puncher/bender
   Beil PB-S-102-HB-m Bender for HB Speedmaster 102   2008   EUR  

  PRESS Click to hide this group
1-Color(s) - Letterpress
   Heidelberg GT Letterpress 1 0 mio. On request 
   Heidelberg Tiegel 1 1960 mio. On request 
6-Color(s) - Screen printing
   Wutung PM-806 6-color pad printing machine for golf balls 6 0 mio. On request 
4-Color(s) - Sheetfed
   Heidelberg SM 52-4P3-H 4 1998 80.3 mio. On request 
   Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 52-4 Anicolor 4 2012 14.6 mio. On request 
   Ryobi 524 GX 4 2008 19.4 mio. On request 

  POSTPRESS / BINDERY / PACKING Click to hide this group
Booklet production
   Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser   2010   On request 
Die Cutting
   Siebdruck-Service Foil slitting machine   0   600 EUR FCA 
Envelope Production
   Stenz Envelope Feeder   0   On request 
   Stenz Envelope Feeder   0   On request 
   Wahli TM 531 Envelope feeder   0   On request 
   MGI UVARNISH UV-coater (Glossy / Matte)   2007   On request 
Folding machines
   Duplo DF-915 Folder   0   On request 
   MBO T49/4   1986   1300 EUR FCA 
   Morgana Major - 904222   0   On request 
Mail room equipment
   Neopost SI 78   0   500 EUR FCA 
Packing machines
   DIBIPACK 4255 EV   2007   On request 
Paper drilling machines
   Nagel Citoborma 180   0   700 EUR  
Perfect Binder
   Horizon Book Binder BQ-440   0   On request 
Pile turner / elevator
   Thando Type 50P   1998   1500 EUR FCA 
   Nagel Rinak   0   On request 
   Bourg BDF with Nagel Robo-feeder (cover feeder, sheet feeder, stitch, fold, trim)   0   On request 
   Horizon MC8 Booklet Maker with fold/stitch/trim   0   On request 

  CARDBOARD / PACKAGING Click to hide this group
Laminating and coating
   GMP Exelam Plus 1080 RMS Business Roll Laminator   0   On request 
   Seal iT-6000 Ultra. Hot and cold laminator   0   On request 
Packing Machines
   SEFA Tech PR 1500   2013   On request 

  DIGITAL Click to hide this group
4-Color(s) - Digital Printing
   MGI DP 8700 S 4 2012 3.7 mio. On request 
   MGI DP60 Pro Paper / Plastic 4 2010 1.1 mio. On request 
   MGI Meteor DP8700 XL Paper / Plastic 4 2012 0.9 mio. On request 
   Xerox iGen 150 Press with two 660mm Feeder + one 660mm Stacker modules 4 2012 6.3 mio. On request